It's a holy rain and I don't know what kind of a thing falling from the sky day


and it's April 17th! They've turned the heat off and air on it's freezing cold. I mean we were all out in our down filed coats and winter woolly hats, those of us who dared. I'm trying to remind myself that this too shall pass and it really will be warm again but it's trickery on a body racked with fibromyalgia and arthritis very much affected by the weather. The warmth and the sun are like heaven on earth. I did go to my first Yoga class this last week. I've been before but not for awhile so it was great to be back again. It is a restorative special practices class. Very healing and gentle. Thank God, I would croak doing downward dog or a sun salutation. In time maybe. Anyway when I am feeling like winter will never end I have to go back to my Tucson shots. This was taken at the old Rodeway show. A neat image of a big crystallized rock.


Good that you mentionned at the end what this is. Talking about rain, snow and all that stuff, I tought this almost fell on your head.
Posted by: Francine | 2011-04-18 00:00:00

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