My heart has broken

My boy has been very sick. Thank you to all those who wrote to me. I have taken loads of pictures of him but I realize he looks very looped and I havn;t wanted to post those pictures. He had surgery last Thursday for a complete obstruction of his urinary tract. We got him home a few days later. He is on valium to help with his bladder spasms. The wee thing keeps falling down and off of things. I have slept with him in my arms every night. In fact I have him him in my arms most all day long. I need a baby snuggly to keep him in. I am constantly worried about him. I put him in a basket on my desk when I am working. His siblings are not being polit. They did not welcome him home. He is not the alpha male cat at the moment and they are taking advantage of his weakness. I saw him once kick his brother in the head and I was happy for that. We took him to the hospital for follow up today. I feel every bit of his pain. You know you are blessed when you have the most amazing cat!


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