I heard the birds today

and I feel mildly optimistic that I will see them again. You can hear them and wonder where they are hiding out.
I am noting how sensitive I am to light and cold and know why I love the desert so much. I need to make sure I have more time in a warmer climate. A heavy dose of Vitamin D just won't cut it. Jablonski, (Kathi) came over to visit last week to retrieve the treasures we brought home from Tucson for her. She brought us gorgeous tulips. My maternal grandmother had a beautiful garden. She always gave me a tulip or a rose as I left from visiting her.
Birds of Paradise


I know what you mean. I miss the warm weather and the sun. You also reminded me I forgot to pick up my vitamin D. Keep well, spring will be here soon. debi
Posted by: debi | 2011-02-26 00:00:00

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