Could it be any darker? I woke up early. It was black and raining. A perfect day for a migraine. I sat myself down to embrace the dark for prayer and meditation, a part of my daily ritual. I am preparing for a show so I needed to bag and price. Better than tag and toe. That's what I used to do in my nursing career. Each day I was faced with the potential of death or the undescriable job of placing a small child, an infant in a duffle bag and taking the little one down to the morgue. How do you tell a parent her child has just died. You cry, right along with her. Over the years I have faced my own loses of infertility, of not having a child. It takes many years to reconcile a life that you dreamed and longed for. Knowing that you will never hold your own child is a hard one to endure. The pain eases. Today I am grateful that I am alive. 

It is a sleepy day for the cats. Did I tell you I have 5 adoring cats? Pictures will come, I promise!

Thw "Wow" necklace I made for the lady was placed on her neck yesterday and she loved it! It went perfectly with her outfit. I love it when that happens. I wanted to make sure she would know how to open the clasp to get it off. She said, "don't worry if I can't, I'll just sleep with it until I see you again!"



Pictures! We want pictures! ;P
Posted by: Sue | 2010-10-27 00:00:00

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