Yesterday two new pieces were born! Beth is a great showcase for Flirt designs. So Beth had a piece on and a lady came up to her and said I want one exactly like it. Of course I never make one exactly the same. I create subtle diferences as I think each piece should have thier own uniqueness This piece is using Unicorne's Teardrop beads and the new large donut in black with a great Italian chain we got when we were in Germany. Very elegant.

The second piece is created from my heavy metal triangle clasp and a big aluminum chain. Very simple, clean lines, easy to wear.
Ok, I have to get the pictures up. 

What I love to do is design for clothing. My sister gave me a new top from Jones New York. Very Fall with deep yellow's, purple and rich blue's. I have been sitting with it for awhile. I think what it needs is multiple layers of chain in golds, bronze and rose gold. One chain with a cluster of deep dark agate beads. This chain can be removed when she wants to have the versatility of just wearing the chains to go with any of her tops.
I think jewellery needs to go along way these days. We need to get a lot of use out of one piece. Gone are the days when we could have a necklace for every outfit. I'm sure that's why I started making jewellery in the first place! I have to believe the economy will come back around and there will be enough money to buy all the jewllery we want and need!!! 

Just a heads up. We will be hosting our annual party on December 4th in the Party Room at 117 Gerrard. There will be a special pampering treat and lots of opportunity to get Christmas gifts for your special people. 


Hey! Dec 4 - I'll mark it in my calendar! Good to know. I'll invite Ann - She loves your work! I spoke her recently and she wants to come. Hopefully the date works for her too. Nice work on the Blog! :)

Editor's Note
We will be at the West Toronto Bead Guild's Christmas Show and Sale on December 4. This takes place in Meadowvale Village, Mississauga. More information will fallow soon.
Posted by: Sue | 2010-10-27 00:00:00

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