Tucson Time!

Cactus Allan Gardens

We will be heading out of this freezy cold and into the glorious warmth of sunny Tucson in a little over a week.!

It is such a nice way to break up the winter and get creatively charged at the gem shows. I will be taking Kate McKinnon's 4 day blogging/photography/treasure hunting workshop.  My mind is on overload already thinking about how much I will learn. We enticed Kathi Jablonski a Toronto Bead Society member to join us. Carousing in the desert!

Sue Henry has spent the evening enjoying a home cooked meal and playing web guru. Watch out for a full two day Flirt Fling workshop being planned with 4 top designers right here at 117 Gerrard on May 7th and 8th. We will have a guest designer from the Czech Rebublic. It will be an exciting weekend of beginner to advanced jewellery design and technique classes.


Please let me know about this great week-end coming up in May, sounds very interesting.
Posted by: Francine | 2011-03-06 00:00:00

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