Doom & Gloom


Before I even open my eyes to see what's going on my body tells me it's doom and gloom out there. I wonder what it would be like to not be so responsive to the weather? The pressure sets in my head and the migraine soon develops. I know I am not crazy because I read on face-book that so many migraine sufferers are in the same boat. I bought a light box from Costco. Will see if bumping up the daylight improves the situation.

I made a stash of lovely new earrings last night for the film set. Mostly sterling silver. A really nice set of long dangly gold ones. Wouldn't mind keeping those for myself. I've been in to gold lately.

The one on one teaching session with Carol Ann was terrific. Beth is a fine teacher. Carol kept saying "Christmas!", withgreat pleasure as she now knows how to make hew own findings for Christmas gifts. We were treated with a formal Chinese tea drinking experience. Pictures to follow.
I'm still sorting out how to make my images smaller as I shoot in super fine. So much to learn I must not get overwhelmed. 



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