An odd day

 I picked this piece to show you as it was a fun playful really cool piece. Can't remember who bought it or where it went. It was full of aquamarine stones, handmade ceramics, big turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona and the lovely Atlantis Seashells from Unicorne. Really quite a costume piece.

I was camera shopping today when I got an email from my sister saying her father in law had passed. It was the end of his journey with cancer.
I know it's been hard for her and her family. We just had the birth of a baby and now the end of a life.

I am sorting out my work for my upcoming Holiday Craft Show in Meadowvale on December 4th. I would rather be making pretty new pieces or at least looking at pretty old ones!

Check out the Upcoming Events for how to get to the Meadowvale Show.


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