Soft and Flowing

  My pieces are often very structural with hard lines.  I like the flowy soft feminine feel to this necklace. It is one I made some time ago. Sometimes the oldies are the goodies.
I am trying to strike up the ambition to go for another walk today. It is getting colder. I am better for my walks in the morning as the sun is shining.
I however, had to spend a good chunk of my day organizing my flight to Tucson. I decided to take the indirect route and fly through Denver and Chicago. It is ridiculously cheap. This way I may have enough money to by me an iPad or a Macbook air or pro for my travels. Yes indeedy, Santa has been good to me already this Christmas.


This is unbelievable gorgeous!
Posted by: Cathy | 2010-11-25 00:00:00

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