Today is a glorious day in the city! Sun is shining and it is 14 degrees! Not bad for the end of November. I am finally over my 2 week obnoxious virus. I got a super duper immune booster from my naturopath. I'm not sure if it was that or just time but I am healed.

I took Beth out for a walk in the Riverdale Zoo and the Necropolis. We decided we needed to get ourselves ready for our desert hiking experience in January.

Yesterday I played with gorgeous gold wire, wrapped around agate briolettes and gold filled diamond ear wries. The result, stunning new earrings for my sister.

I love it when something comes out so delicate and gorgeous yet simple.

We will be organizing a wire order today. Wow we go through a lot of wire. I have my upcoming Christmas show to prepare for.

I have yummy smelling Moroccan lentils simmering on the stove. Then off to the market for my fill of healthy organic food! 


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