Slowed Down

Well the darn aftermath of being crazily busy has slowed me down. I guess it wouldn't have happened otherwise. I have a cold and have stocked up on videos to watch, big supply of the softest Kleenex I could find and lots of ginger and lemon tea.

We had a fun evening at the West Toronto Beading Guild on Tuesday night. I made ceramic beads for the first time. Can't wait to see what they turned out like!

Last night was the Toronto Bead Society meeting. I camped out with a bed on the couch, cats curled up around me and a film, Bliss, beautifully set in Turkey. Beth headed off to the meeting.

I woke to an early morning email along with photos up beautiful Kaden, the newest addition to our family. I have fallen in love even before I have seen him. I am really not 100 percent sure what to do with little boys because we are such a family of girls but I am sure I will figure it out.
Angie was a trooper and delivered the little one at home. I am off to find him a little hat to keep his head warm! 


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