Apophyllite Pyramid


We attended the Scarborough Gem and Mineral Show on the weekend. I've always had a love of rocks from the time I was a little one skimming them across the bay in my Grandparents back yard in NFLD. 

The show did not disappoint. So much to examine! I purchased this crystal known as an Apophyllite Pyramid from India. Love the blues and greens! Apophyllite's can help to increase intuition and insight about current situations.


It also promotes structure and organization in daily life. How about this the crystal can regulate bodily function and improve memory. They are great for filling a room with high vibrations of peace and love!!!!

I will place my crystal in my studio on my desk and see what happens!

Let me know what your favorite rock, stone crystal is. Post a photo, make a comment and you will be entered to win a class with the lovely Kate Richbourg.
www.flirtdesigns.ca/blog for details.


Nothng more beautiful than mother nature. Still trying to win a 3 hour class with Kate. :o) Marija
Posted by: marija batraks | 2015-10-08 00:00:00

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