Sensory Overload


I have been reading up on Fibromyalgia and why I am so brain dead half the time. Apparently it is called Sensory Overload. A lot of trouble with noise, smell, light. Although it was a nice sunny day, the light drove me crazy. When it is dark, I feel like I have a mask over my head. I have the classic symptoms. I have learned to work within my limitations. Sometimes going to bed is exactly the cure I need.

This picture was taken in Tucson at the African Village. You wanna talk about amazing sights, sounds, and smells. I was whisked away to another part of the world I could only dream of going to. I don't think I could actually make it in Africa without the comforts of home. I'm actually not that excited about travelling these days. There's so much crazy shit going on. Wasn't it last year that Canadians were killed at a hotel in Mexico built on a swamp where gas had a build up in the lines and exploded. I used to want to travel all the time. Now staying close to home and safe is perfectly OK with me. That might change again, who knows.  The part about travel I love is amazing photographic moments and memories, like this one!                                                                   


Wasn't Tucson just total sensory overload on every front? It was great, but there were so many sights, sounds, smells.... I'm still processing from the trip! I'm glad that we were able to spend time together and enjoy one of your voyages together! I can understand what you mean about being happy at home. I got burnt out a little on traveling and would love to be able to stay home and just be for awhile.
Posted by: Andrew Thornton | 2011-06-10 00:00:00

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