A beautiful day


Yes it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The sun is shining, the windows are open, the birds are chirping. I love the fact that I hear the birds chirp in the middle of downtown TO. It is music to my ears. The furs are pretty mesmerized by the sounds as well. I'm sure they wish they could see them and play with them. I love that I only have to travel a few blocks and I am in the middle of charming Riverdale Farms. It is a lovely place to be in the woods, to walk quietly with nature, to think and just be. My early years were spent in NFLD with my grand parents. They had a big white horse named Sandy. I remember being taken across the frozen water in the winter on sled with a horse into the woods to fetch wood for the old wood burning stove. Today the smell of wood calms my senses. Horses and wood piles are grounding and remind me of my roots and my grandfather Mercer.


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