A tribute to the mothers of the Universe


I have had the joy and pleasure of mothering more than a dozen fury wonderful creatures in my lifetime. After years and years of unsuccessful attempts at trying to have a child, multiple expensive fertility treatments, lost time, money and my health, I am satisfied with my lot in life today. I have not had the burden of raising children which I know can be difficult. I did not end up with multiple births, LA & Beth plus 8 along with potential birth defects and disabilities. Sure I haven't had the joy that children bring to one's life but I am a natural mother and have mothered many children over the years. Today I have many blessings, Nya, Kaden, Simon. Thank you Angie, Sean, Cara and Vladimir, great parenting! Eric & Leslie  and Ashley I'm waiting.

Thank you to my mother Jean Dianne Murphy nee McCullough for being alive and in my life today.

Here's a shot of my youngest rug rat Squirt, always up to something.

This is Serena's litter mate Sara.

The twins, Bella & Bandit. There they are all 5 of my children. I thank god for them and their other mother Beth.

Happy MD!


Beautiful tribute to mothers of the Universe. All your cats are gettings tender loving care, they are having a wonderful cat life. Lots of children will never be loved so much, even though they have parents, they are not well cared and loved. LA and Beth, you two are real caring moms. Even though I am not a child, you took very good care of me last Monday when I injured myself. I was very lucky to have you both there with me. Could have been a lot worst if I were alone. Thank God for loving mothers and my loving mother who is now 92 years old.
Posted by: Francine | 2011-05-09 00:00:00

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