My mind

Yesterday I felt really out of balance. I had been feeling great for quite awhile and then I got hit with the migraine and post hang over dead head, general disatisfaction wih my life. I don't go there often and have ways of getting myself into a better head space. I picked up a CD by Pema Chodron, Budhist nun on How to Meditate. Bottom line, I felt more self acceptance and ability to cope with my physical challenges and realize that life really is all about an uneven terrain and this particular day was an uphill climb.

I got to the pool. I don't know why people don't just throw me in the pool when I am miserable. I am instantly finer and can imagine myself in the ocean. Today there was no one else in the pool except me! I am so grateful to have a hot pool just steps away from my home.

My mother claims to be feeling better after her fall. I was really scared for her at 70 that this would really knock her out.

Did you see Jane Fonda on Ophra? 72 and looking fantastic! I do beieve that we come in to our own as we age, if we do the work.



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