About Elizabeth Clinton

Accustomed to taking a “behind-the-scenes” role in the development of Flirt, Beth Clinton now finds herself in the limelight as the proprietor and business mind behind the recently launched Canadian company.

In addition to managing the business aspects of Flirt, Beth brings her lifetime passion for tools and skill to the technical aspects of jewellery design.

Beth has combined her lifelong entrepreneurial spirit with a desire for self expression from her earliest endeavors. Her knowledge of leather work, woodworking, sewing, and needlecraft is the perfect complement to Laurie-Anne’s artistic vision and her widespread talents help to bring the designs to life.

In addition to her role as jewellery technician, Beth is a gifted teacher. She uses this skill and her knowledge to train people in the art of jewellery construction.

Beth is the Canadian Distributor of Unicorne Beads. (www.unicornebeads.com). These are exquisite hand crafted borosilicate glass beads made in California. They are used in many of the finished pieces that Flirt creates. Beth has recently introduced Para Wire (www.parawire.com) to her clients in Canada. ParaWire was created to cater to the wire needs of serious crafters, jewellers, artists, beaders and other design professionals.

Beth can be contacted by email or at 416-990-5418